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ALS Society’s Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Society’s Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS is a crippling disease and affects hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Even worse, it has no cure yet. However, it hasn't stopped people from finding ways to speed up the research process in hopes of finding a cure. Case in point: the Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral back…
What the women of today can learn from the women of 1860s

What the women of today can learn from the women of 1860s

Women of today have a lot they can learn from the women of the past: their strength, solidarity, and courage. Women in the 1860’s joined the workforce taking over men’s jobs when the men went off to war. Male supervisors brought women into the federal workforce because they would do the…
How is Pittsburgh’s Power House changing women’s lives?

How is Pittsburgh’s Power House changing women’s lives?

Women are just as vulnerable as men to fall into a spiraling loop of addiction. Whatever the reasons for this, every woman deserves help. This is precisely what Pittsburgh's Power House strives for to change women's lives. Their Mission The Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early…
Three inspirational programs offered by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Three inspirational programs offered by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer holds the honor of being the author of an all-time bestseller, “Your Erroneous Zones”, published in 1976. He dedicated his life to motivate and to share his philosophical approaches about life in general. Through lecture tours, audiotapes, TV programs, and books, he has…
What is the Inspiration Software from inspiration.com?

What is the Inspiration Software from inspiration.com?

Technology has and continues to redefine how we comprehend, create, and communicate. The new Inspiration Software aims at doing just that in a new and exciting way. Inspiration software aims at giving you the ability to visually create a map, outline, write, and make presentations more conveniently…
Find inspiration at dailygood.org

Find inspiration at dailygood.org

In the world we live in today, we are bombarded with disappointing news, stories of crime and war. It is sometimes very difficult to turn on the television and hear encouraging events. DailyGood.org is one website that could change your thinking and inspire you to be positive in life. DailyGood.org…

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  • SimplyShredded.com has the ultimate training guide for women

    SimplyShredded.com has the ultimate training guide for women

    There are many complaints from women about weight lifting, such as “I don’t want to get bulky”. However, due to the fact that most women lack the testosterone level of men, they would have to push themselves to their absolute limit in order to get “bulky”. You may think…
  • Five ways to keep motivated when you are in a dead-end job

    Five ways to keep motivated when you are in a dead-end job

    Your job may not be the fulfillment of your dreams. On the contrary, the 9 to 5 job has become a nightmare that reminds you that dreams do not come true. You are locked in a dead-end job that makes you feel dead inside. But if it is all about putting on a good face in the midst of hard times, you…
  • 10 motivational tips from Zenhabits.net

    10 motivational tips from Zenhabits.net

    Zenhabits.net is a site that does exactly what it says - gives you motivation and tips on how to reach meditation and intuition. The site was founded by Leo Babauta who lives in Davis, California with his wife and six kids, eats vegan food, writes, runs, and reads. Sounds like the average Joe, which…
  • How important is it to set weekly and monthly goals?

    How important is it to set weekly and monthly goals?

    A goal is the end product of what you want to achieve. It could be daily goals, weekly or monthly goals. We sometimes forget to set goals for ourselves because we are too busy, too tired, too stressed, and too discouraged to take the time to set goals. You may want to make a long-term goal for your…
  • How can a leader at work provide motivation?

    How can a leader at work provide motivation?

    You know what they say: a leader is not one who summons others to do but invites them to do it along with him. There are other characteristics of a good leader that have been thoroughly discussed. The question we pose now is how a leader can provide motivation at work. The truth is that this is…